Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ron Paul: 1st In the NH Straw Poll and 1st In The AL Straw Poll

"A Christian Blog" reports:

2nd tier candidate moves up to 1st tier, but is ignored

Remember that I predicted here that media minions of the one world Council on Foreign Relations would be ignoring or misrepresenting the one Candidate what was against one worldism. Well look who's winning the straw polls and are the Media broadcasting it? Only as one liners, discredited, and hidden under praise for other Candidates. Also Ron Paul is consistently drawing 2 to 3 times the crowds (the real index of support) that the "Big" candidates are drawing -- whether Republican OR Democrat.

The last three poll results:

Illinois' first-ever straw poll:

Ron Paul 3rd place
Thompson 2nd place
Romney 1st place

Also caught on video (but little reported) at the IL straw poll was Romney's Illinois chairman, state Sen. Dan Rutherford (R-Chenoa), ripping a sign out of one Paul supporter's hands And then throwing it on the ground and standing on it, as Ron Paul supporters stand around him pointing out how idiotic he's acting. I saw the video and Ron Paul fans were behaving remarkably well but the Chicago Tribune reported it making the Ron Paul fans the idiots.

Alabama Straw Poll, A Landslide:

Tom Tancredo - 0%
Sam Brownback - 0.75%
John McCain - 0.75%
Mike Huckabee - 2%
Rudy Giuliani - 3%Fred Dalton Thompson - 3%
Duncan Hunter - 4%
Mitt Romney - 5%
Ron Paul - 81%

NH GOP straw poll (Strafford County), another landslide:

Ron Paul- 73%
Romney - 9%
Huckabee - 6.9%
Tancredo - 2.7%
McCain - 2.4%
Cox - 1.7%
Hunter - 1.7%
Fred Thompson - 3
Giuliani - 1%
Brownback - 0.3%

Now remind me: who is "2nd tier"? If this were Giuliani winning it would be all over prime time. This is what happens when you are for our national and Constitutional sovereignty, truely against socialism, and against the CFR and one worldism. A lot of people are now saying that we need to pray for Ron Paul's protection. YouTube his speaches to find out why.

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