Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Internet into votes: A sound “online” strategy for the Ron Paul grassroots

Will Ron Paul’s internet support translate into votes? There is a general documented discrepancy between internet support and actual polling data. This is because older voters still make up a majority of voters, among other reasons (including outdated polling methodology).

Here’s an easy-to-implement partial solution:

1. Teach your friends and family to use the internet.
2. Show them a clip of their favorite TV show, or music video on YouTube.
3. Help them look up a Ron Paul video and ask them what they think.

If they can use the internet, they have complete access to Ron Paul. The rest is up to Ron Paul, and he sells himself remarkably well.

Try a video with Tucker, Chris Matthews, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or if they have a decent attention span, this video:

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