Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Coverage Of The Danny Rutherford Ron Paul Sign Stomping Incident on 8/16

Shame On You, Dan Rutherford!

We have really upset some people in the establishment! Illinois State Senator Dan Rutherford ripped a sign from the hands of a Ron Paul supporter and handed it to one of his thuggish supporters who decided to stand on it with a nasty look on his face. Rutherford is also the Illinois Chairman for Mitt Romney’s campaign. I know first hand how nasty those Romney people are. They treated me very badly in Iowa, and I was as nice as I could be to them. Civil discourse must not be one of Mitt Romney’s strong points. Wow, he’d make one heck of a president, wouldn’t he!

Check out the video!

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John said...

We should get a mass letter-writing campaign together and flood Romney with questions about whether he supports this kind of behavior or not.