Monday, November 26, 2007

Grassroots Campaigners to Tour the US in a Blimp

A group of passionate Ron Paul supporters are raising in excess of $350,000 to hire a massive blimp for a month. They will fly it around the US conducting landing parties in many cities and attracting media attention.

Ron Paul Blimp

Produced by llamabread

Ron Paul Blimp - Floating on Air

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This video celebrates the next phase in the grassroots activities of Ron Paul supporters. By floating around the US, having landing parties along the way we hope to generate a lot of media exposure, create some fun for the grassroots campaigners and spread the powerful message of freedom that Ron Paul represents.

We also hope it will promote fundraising for the Dec 16th (Boston Tea Party) money bomb which we expect will break several campaign fundraising world records.

To learn about Ron Paul, visit the official website or come to to talk to the grassroots activists.

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PS. Be sure to visit and sign up to support this BIG idea!

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