Thursday, November 29, 2007

New York Times Covers The BIG Ron Paul Support Last Night

By land, by air and by sea, the disciples of Ron Paul converged on the debate hall here in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the hours before the debate here tonight. There were two planes circling overhead, one flying a Ron Paul banner, another with lights spelling out his name Goodyear Blimb-style. A ship circling in the bay just outside the hall was festooned with Ron Paul paraphernalia, blaring martial music. In the park, just beyond the security fences erected around The Mahaffey Theater, the Paulites outfitted a group that was decidedly young and decidedly loyal with shirts and stickers and other assorted Paul gear.

The outsized presence of Mr. Paul’s supporters is not unusual. It seems that no matter which Republican candidate I am covering, the Paul people seem to find a way to their events. Sometimes it is a lone man with a sign, other times more organized. But come they do.

With his millions raised in online fund-raising and devoted base, we expect greater attention to be paid to what he has to say here tonight.

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Editor's Note:
The MSM did all they could to ignore & isolate Ron Paul last night.

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