Thursday, November 29, 2007

"It's what we DIDN'T see at the debate that mattered most"

IHaveADream wrote in reference to CNN's debate last night:

It's what we DIDN'T see at the debate that mattered most:

- We DIDN"T see Ron Paul getting equal time.

- We DIDN'T see Ron Paul get a fair opportunity to clarify his answers.

- We DIDN'T see any attempt by CNN to allow the war issue to be thoroughly "debated" at this "debate".

- We DIDN'T see the strong presence of support for Ron Paul outside the auditorium and surrounding areas. Witnesses say it was spectacular and that no other candidate had such a presence of support there. I'm fairly certain that this has not been reported by any major network.

These things matter most because it reveals the dire reality that we are a serious threat in this election. If you feel like you witnessed a blow to our movement last night, you couldn't be more wrong. What occured last night was a confirmation that the Republican party and their most influential surrogates are on massive defense against Ron Paul.

We are feared. And we are coming.

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