Saturday, November 24, 2007

Operation "Live Free Or Die" Begins To Manifest Throughout NH

Dave Ridley of The Ridley Report create this great video which sheds like on the leading edge of this operation as it unfolds in NH as follows:

NH: "Operation Live Free or Die" activists arrive

All the way back on October 21st reported:

Operation Live Free Or Die

You may remember Vijay, the guy on the Ron Paul Candidates@Google interview who flew in from Seattle to hand deliver a donation check to Ron Paul.

Well, Vijay is organizing a very exciting campaign to get over 1000 Ron Paul supporters to New Hampshire in the days before the primary. You can read more about it here:

New Hampshire is the “Live Free Or Die” state, and holds the first presidential primary in the country (date TBD). It’s the perfect place and time to make a strong stand for Ron Paul.

So get a few friends together and carpool up there. Vijay even has some ideas for cheap lodging.

I know I’ve got a million great excuses for blowing it off. But excuses won’t save our country and our liberty. Ron Paul will!

See you in New Hampshire! Looks like there’s some good vegan food to be had throughout NH too!

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