Sunday, November 25, 2007


Our Mission is to rid ourselves of the shackles placed upon us by governments and secret governments who wish nothing more than to subjugate and enslave us into a system solely designed to perpetually create more wealth and power for them.

We will do this by simply refusing to obey their unnecessary and flawed rules.

Our Mission is to help people, including ourselves, to understand the truth about the world we live in.

We will do this by reading, watching, talking, thinking, writing and experiencing everything that we can to ensure that the information given on these pages is as honest and factual as possible (although I am sure that there will still be the odd "leap of sarcasm" here and there!)

Our Mission is to expose the lies and corruption that are prevalent in governments and secret governments, which eat away at democracy, truth and justice rather than doing what they are supposed to do and protecting them.

We will do this by providing the information required to see and understand the lies behind the media spin that is put on almost every story in almost every publication by simply referring to the researchable facts and presenting the common sense "gut reaction".

Our Mission is to offer suggestions and advice on ways that everybody can get involved in the fight to regain our independence, our choice and our freedoms.

We will do this by organising campaigns of civil disobedience that would place the government in a position of having to lock up so many people that it would be impossible for them to do so. It will also gradually erode their power leaving them with a simple choice...

Either you are with the citizens...Or you are against us!

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