Friday, November 30, 2007 going live at Midnight EST!!!

We are going to begin accepting purchases of advertising time on for the Ron Paul Blimp starting at Midnight EST!

Individuals who had pledged $5,000 and end up purchasing $5,000 or more will not receive a 3 or 5 day blimp ride but they will have the option of receiving (2) 1 hour tickets to ride the blimp or giving their tickets to a member of the mainstream media.

There will be a drawing for 20 half hour blimp rides. There will be no charge to enter. Everyone who makes a purchase will automatically be entered unless they choose not to be.

We will have a live counter to see how much money has been collected.

Thanks for everyone's patience.

More details will be coming. Pass the word!

Buy a timeshare of the Ron Paul Blimp Tour
Fly the Ron Paul Blimp -- to the inauguration!

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