Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ron Paul’s Libertarian Revolution

James Joyner | Sunday, November 25, 2007


As for me, I find Paul’s fundraising success and ability to generate buzz quite remarkable. While I joined the conventional wisdom in dismissing his entry into the race as a lark, he’s making himself impossible to ignore. Indeed, he’s generated far more blog posts than I’d have dreamed possible.

At the same time, I find talk of “revolution” mere wishful thinking. Most Americans, like their counterparts in Western Europe, continue to demand an activist government. They like talk of small government and adherence to the intent of the Framers in abstract but they continue to elect politicians who promise to address major problems well beyond any Constitutional mandate.

Paul’s success may be spawned by young libertarians but it’s being fueled by the same thing that catapulted Ross Perot to prominence in 1992: A desire for something beyond the same old, same old of the two major parties. Read more here.

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