Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rudy Buses Supporters From New York City To NH To Make It "Appear" He Has Support

Thomas Paine over at RonPaulForums wrote:

We crashed Rudy's Rally today in Hampton, NH. He brought in 7 busloads of New Yorkers to make it appear to the undecided New Hampshire voters that he has a huge following. We talked to one of the people that came up. He told us THAT THE CAMPAIGN ACTUALLY CALLED THEM UP AND REQUESTED THAT THEY GO!!!

Absolutely Pathetic.

These are the buses that the Rudy campaign used to bus some supporters from New York up to Hampton, New Hampshire so it could look like he has some local support.

Ron Paul supporters crash Rudy's rally...

Ron Paul OLFD supporters 'Love' Rudy

OLFD at the Rally for Rudy

Rudy Arrives to A greeting from Ron Paul Supporters

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