Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Ron Paul Revolution Blues Explosion Thanks To Ralph Buckley!

da "Ron Paul Blues"...

Produced by RalphBuckley who wrote:

Ron Paul Revolution Blues (slight return)

Produced by RalphBuckley who wrote:

There's a blues explosion going down here man.... Can U feel me???
Yeah man... The "ron paul revolution blues" and "ron paul blues" blues tunes I put down recently have been making appearances in some pretty hip places. Can u dig it...
I'm really psyched about it. That I have made any contributions at all to this has made the blessings fall like rain!!!

Now I received more then 1 message from some cats who said that I need to take notice of this thing going down called a "Tea Party"...but, now because it was coming upon us so soon, December 16th, I thought to myself that it's probably to late to come up with a song for the occasion. Well, though this will probably still hold true....I did it anyways. I wrote this morning, recorded it this afternoon. As for the is what it is..

So here it be....Tea Party - Ron Paul
for more info on Tea Party

Ron Paul...Tea Party '07

Produced by RalphBuckley

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