Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Look, Boss....Zee Ron Paul Blimp!!"

The Ron Paul campaign is gearing up to escalate its battle to destroy the U.S. Constitution in order to save it and to otherwise bugger our imaginations with rampaging insanity by taking the fight to the skies! Pictured, at right, is the Paulites latest atrocity: an artist's concept of what would be the Ron Paul Blimp! The Dread Zeppelin! La dirigible unintelligible! It will float from town to town, and, if the description the Paul supporter behind this idea is accurate, confuse the minds of men!

Exasperated, Jason finally writes:

The thing is, these Paulites are deadly serious about this. They claim to have raised over $98,000 toward the $350K they think will make this blimp a reality. And if the picture below is any indication, the next terrorist-themed movie they aim to fetishize may be Black Sunday.

Really. Isn't it time to consider whether we might all be better off if we simply gave in to Ron Paul's demands?

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