Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ron Paul vs. the Seven Dwarfs: American Foreign Policy That Makes Sense

While he still only gets a small amount of time in the debates, his message is beginning to reach Republicans who aren't blinded by Bushian, neo-con machismo. Are they listening?

by Walt Thiessen

Unlike every other Republican candidate on the stage in last night's CNN/YouTube debate, only Ron Paul demonstrated that he truly "gets it" when it comes to foreign policy. Witness his comment in reply to an attack on his position on Iraq. He said, "The best thing we can do for the Iraqi people is to give them their country back. That's the most important thing that we can do." He went on to make a great point about Vietnam. He said, "Just think of the cleaning up of the mess after we left Vietnam. Vietnam is now a friend of ours. We trade with them. Their president comes here. What we achieved in peace was unachievable in 20 years of the Americans and the French being in Vietnam. So it's time for us to take care of America first."

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