Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ben Bernanke Calls Ron Paul "the grinch who stole Thanksgiving"

Ron Paul, the grinch who stole Thanksgiving

By Ben Bernanke
11/21/07 9:31 AM EST | Washington DC

One of my regrets about entering the blogosphere is that I’ve subjected myself to the Ron Paul subprime subculture. In Congress, Ron Paul is just the nut that keeps badgering me about the gold standard. On the Internet, he’s lord and savior to his flock.

John Carney just spammed my RSS inbox with this old video of Ron lecturing me about economics:

It’s clear from this video that Ron Paul does not understand all the advancements of economic science over the past few decades. If one of Dr. Paul’s patients was sick, would he ignore modern medicine and prescribe leeches? Read more.

Editor's Note:
In case you were wondering, the above is pure satire.

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