Sunday, November 11, 2007

Media Mockingbird: A Mass Media Critique

Will the Web Pull the Rug From Under Ron Paul's Feet?

How on earth does Ron Paul do it? What is the man's charisma? Is the Internet driving him to success, or is it simply flexing its own muscles?

Last week, supporters outside of his campaign raised $4 million for him online. According to this news report, the World Wide Web may be taking Ron Paul for a ride. It may end up as just another online game of sorts. Or, it may end with success at the finish line for Mr. Paul, who is seeking a Republican nomination and is mustering a surprising amount of support for it.

In the real world (if we can still separate the virtual world from the real, physical one), has anyone noticed how many posters and banners supporting Ron Paul have mushroomed in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood? I notice a number of his supporters are young people, students.

To my mind, this phenomenon speaks, at one level, to the simple spectacle of the Internet. At another level, it seems like a cry to reclaim politics, to channel it away from its hidden corridors and bring it into newer portals.

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