Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nov 10, 2007, Ron Paul on Larry Kudlow (CNBC TV): Allow Competing Gold and Silver Currencies!

Special thanks to the folks at The Small Business Goldmine Blog for sharing this as follows:

Ron is in (not all that rare of a) form here. Listen to what he says about gold as a competing currency and what happens to people's property as a result of the Fed's endemic inflationary effect.

This is actually huge. Who would have thought that super-mainstreamer Larry Kudlow is a closet Friedrich von Hayek fan?

That raises the interesting question of how many more are there like Larry in so-called 'mainstream' America - and especially in the financial media?

We may all be surprised to find out - and I expect we will, very soon.

The other question is: How many of the Kudlow type are there in mainstream politics today? They don't really want to admit it, yet - but they would like to. It's just too risky, still. As he gains a wider and wider audience, you'll see them come out of the woodworks.

We have already seen George F. Will, for example, on ABC News This Week continuously asking: "Where is my man Ron Paul?" He is one of the earlyier, gutsier ones. He, too, used to belittle Ron, but no more.

It is absolutely crucial for small business owners to catch on to this rising trend right now, while there still is some value in the US dollar.

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