Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Number of Views" Tag On Rudy's Blog Screams "NOBODY'S HOME!!"

I'm Rudy, the Republican "frontrunner". Please READ MY SMILE.....

Nobody reads my blog, but I keep smiling because my pollster-friends take care of me and with machine voting I have come to the conclusion that things like blog stats, online polls, straw polls, web traffic and actual numbers of supporters showing up to my appearances have all become irrelevant.

TechPresident's Colin Delany wrote in "Is No One Reading Giuliani's Blog?", that there seems to be a "readers strike" versus "writers strike" as follows:

By Colin Delany, 11/08/2007 - 10:51am

"Continuing with the recent exciting news from the Republican side of our little presidential campaign, Bruce Reed notes in Slate that Rudy Giuliani's official blog seems to be acting in sympathy with Hollywood writers — except that instead of the writers striking, it's the readers."

Bruce Reed over at wrote:

"While by all accounts, Giuliani's Internet efforts have been a disaster, he's still the Republican frontrunner. Yet in a welcome and utterly ill-advised moment of transparency, the Giuliani campaign decided to post the number of views next to every blog post. Giuliani's problem is the polar opposite of Hollywood's: His blog is in the midst of a prolonged reader's strike."

Here's the bottom line: NOBODY IS HOME!!

But it's going to only get better, for some techie inside Rudy's campaign is going to have to own up to the inclusion of these little "Number Views Tags":

Perhaps Rudy needs to cater to the readers out there. Perhaps he needs to "dress up" his blog a bit more.

Question for Rudy? If you are the annointed Republican "front runner" then why are so few, few individuals visiting, much less "viewing" - ie. reading or even "caring" - about your "official blog?"

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