Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Revolution (Ron Paul) Goes Matrix

This is a very important article. Please read and share and celebrate!


If any of the "leading" candidate's did what Ron Paul is doing, they would control the message on fundraising and kill the hungry process reporting that occurs four times a year which dominates for nearly two weeks the campaign's ability to discuss policy and make promises and pledges. Oh wait!

In all seriousness, the set of matrix graphs and data collected at helps keep the Ron Paul folks fired-up. And one would guess if you're on the fundraising team of John McCain it keeps you motivated as well. They can literally watch the echo of those approaching footsteps.

The public accountability in practice, as exampled, by the Paul campaign is much better than a promise of change. It is change.

Both fields could learn from Paul's open-source approach to campaigning and implement their own authentic, yet substantive, form of engagement and transparency.

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