Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul, Hope for a Reunited Korea

By Joshua Snyder
Special Contribution

Among the candidates for the 2008 presidential election, only one has offered a proposal that would seriously work toward the reunification of the tragically divided Korean Peninsula. That candidate is Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), and his plan is to withdraw all American military forces from South Korea.

Dr. Paul has not isolated Korea for a removal of American forces. In keeping with warnings of Presidents Washington and Jefferson to avoid "foreign entanglements" and "entangling alliances," he has called for the withdrawal of the American military presence throughout the world, not only in South Korea, but also in Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Ending a costly empire that is causing the American economy to sink into what appears terminal decline is crucial, and fully in keeping with the traditions of the "Old Right" and with the non-interventionism that was the intent of the founding fathers. The Korean people, however, have at least as much to gain from a speedy withdrawal of the American military presence from the peninsula. Read more.

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