Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ron Paul Nov 5th Donations sign of an angry Zeitgeist

The incredible funding effort of Nov 5th 2007 will be history for the Ron Paul campaign for President. The angry Zeitgeist has spoken.

by Michael McDonnough

I have reached the conclusion that some people get it while others just do not. I have scanned most of the early news articles and TV News pieces on Ron Paul's phenomenal one day contribution surge. I had an immediate sense that the media is responding as if an underlying angry Zeitgeist is contributing to this whole effort. While the Ron Paul Revolution is a decidedly peaceful one and the changes we seek to be performed are hard ones but government is just simply too big. It has failed to be safe to our liberty and must be put on a leash, a crash diet, and liposuction as well as a trim to the claws and teeth while we are at it.

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