Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Update: Ron Paul: Mr. Moneybags

November 5, 2007

David Brody - CBN News Senior National Correspondent

How dare you laugh about Ron Paul's candidacy. How dare you I say! How can you laugh at a presidential candidate who just raised more than four million dollars.in one day!!! That is not a misprint folks. Read below from CBNNews.com:

Trying to catch up in a race that is leaving many in the dust, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul made some forward progress Monday by putting $4.2 million in his fundraising bank...

The Texas congressman's outpouring of support was mostly attributed to Internet donations.

The rest of the article is here.

Are you kidding me? Ron Paul is becoming the Thurston Howell III of presidential politics. (Look it up. It's my Gilligan's Island reference,) What we are seeing here is pretty amazing. I'm somewhat speechless which is rare. OK, Ron Paul has the money side down pat. Now, his national poll numbers need to start moving. It's funny. Huckabee's poll numbers are moving without much money. Paul isn't moving as much nationally yet he has much more green. And wins a bunch of straw polls. Let's see what happens when Paul starts running campaign ads. His breakthrough state is Independent New Hampshire. Can he win? Even if he doesn't, who does he impact the most? Read more.

Editor's Note:
"It's funny" how David Brody still believes in the tooth fairy - ie. these "national poll numbers." We need to get rid of voting in the dark - ie. we need to get back to machine free voting (using and counting paper ballots, etc). Please support the National Clean Elections Lawsuit!

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